SG: 142: Toby Briant
Occupation: Managing Director Car Colours: Black and Gold
Company: Rutherford Briant Recruitment Car Year: 2006
Company's Service: Accountancy and H.R Recruitment specialists Hometown: Thaxted
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Snetterton
Sponsors: Rutherford Briant Recruitment
Race History: 2003 Class: Grads
Started Racing: Grads 2002
No of races: 200
Best result: 1
No of wins: 33
No of podiums: 50
Race Highlights: 2017 Oulton Park 2 Wins 1 pole position Pembrey 2 Wins 2 Pole positions - finished 3rd on the road behind 2 leading mega grads. 2016 5 Wins: Thruxton, Brands Hatch x2, Anglesey and Spa. 9 podiums Lap records at Spa, Anglesey and Oulton Park 2015 Super Graduates Champion 9 wins, 3 3rd places . 5 Pole positions. Broke the lap record at Castle Combe by over 1.2 seconds WIns at Oulton Park,Brands Hatch x2, Cadwell Park x2, Silverstone,Donington, Castle Combe x2 2014 - Super Graduates Champion 8 Wins, 5 2nds, 1 3rd. 7 Pole positions. Wins at Anglesey, Silverstone, Croft x2,Rockingham, Snetterton x2 and Spa 2013 - 2nd In Supergrad Championship 2 Race Wins, 3 2nd places and 1 3rd place. 2 pole positions Wins at Brands Hatch and Spa 2012 - 3rd In Championship 3 Race Wins Donnington, Rockingham & Brands Pole position Brands 4 Podiums 2011 - 4th in Championship 2 Race wins (Brands and Pembrey) Seconds: Castle Combe, Brands Thirds: Silverstone, 2010 9th in Championship. 2009 Part-season in Supergrads. 2008 Part-season in Classic Grads 2007 4th in Classic grads championship 2 Wins 2006 Part season in Supergrads part Mega grads 2005 Supergrads - 7th in Championship 2004 Classic grads 2nd in championship 4 wins
Interests: Motor Racing, Ballroom dancing and knife throwing

SG: 143: Andy Molsom
Occupation: Optometrist Car Colours: Black
Company: Molsom & Associates Optometrists Car Year: 2001
Company's Service: Spectacles,Contact Lens, Sunglasses Hometown: Boston
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Cadwell Park
Sponsors: Molsom & Associates Optometrists
Race History: First season racing in 2004
3 races in Supergrads.
Best result 7th

Supergrads in 2005
11 Races
Best Qualifying 3rd, Best result 5th.
Lap Record Pembrey
Overall 5th in Championship.

Supergrads in 2006
5 Races entered.
Best result 5th.
Silverstone Lap Record.

Supergrads in 2007
6 races entered
Best Qualifying 2nd, Best result 1st
Donington Lap Record

Supergrads in 2008
3 races entered
Best qualifying 15th, Best result 2nd

Supergrads in 2009
3 races entered
Best qualifying 8th, Best result 5th

Supergrads in 2010
Only Snetterton Weekend-Best result 7th

Super grads in 2011
Donington only

Super grads in 2012
8 races!
Best quali. 9th
Best result 9th
Lap record Rockingham

Supergrads in 2013
9 Races
Best Quali 3rd at Spa
Best result 3rd at Pembrey and Cadwell

Supergrads in 2014
FULL SEASON! 16 races.
Best Quali 2nd
One Win at Silverstone, 3 thirds and 4th in Championship. BEST CONSISTENT FINISHER.

Supergrads in 2015
FULL SEASON! 15 races.
Best Quali POLE
3 podiums (2nd and two 3rds), LAP RECORDS at SILVERSTONE GP and CADWELL. 4th in Championship. BEST CONSISTENT FINISHER.

Supergrads in 2016
2 Poles,3 wins LAP RECORDS at Rockingham and Thruxton. 3rd in Championship
Race Highlights: Qualifying 3rd in my first race. Spa!! First win at Pembrey 2007 Second win Silverstone 2014 from 8th on grid.
Interests: Real Ale, Cars, Shooting

SG: 147: Charles Elliott
Occupation: IT Director Car Colours: Aluminium/Black
Company: Deutsche Bank Car Year: 2004
Company's Service: Financial Services Hometown: Weybridge, Surrey
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Race History: SuperGraduates 2016 - car seemed good but driver never quite got into it. I did finish on the podium in Spa though, which was great! 7th in the championship.

SuperGradustes 2015 - started pretty well in the first three events, but had a very bad weekend at Silverstone and then lost the sump plug at Donington after being smashed up the rear (unrelated incident!) in qualifying. Needed a new chassis and completely rebuilt engine, so sat the rest of the season out.

SuperGraduates 2014 - first win and was running a strong second in the championship with two events to go. Slashed my thumb with a knife at Snetterton and had to miss the last four races. Finished 5th in championship.

SuperGraduates 2013 - finished 4th in the Championship, my highest finish. Two third places and a second place. Unfortunately couldn't make the final double header at Spa.

SuperGraduates 2012 - a reasonable season, but missed a few races after blowing my engine at Thruxton in qualifying. Finished 8th.

SuperGraduates 2011 - another 6th place in the championship with 4 6th places and and 3 5th places.

SuperGraduates 2010 - slightly less rubbish

SuperGraduates 2009 - rubbish

SuperGraduates 2008 - rubbish

SuperGraduates 2007 - rubbish

SuperGraduates 2006 - don't ask. Rolled the car at Silverstone National and then had a big accident on lap 1 at Cadwell park, ending my season.

SuperGraduates 2005 - full season and I did surprisingly well finishing 6th overall. Best result were 4ths and Donington and Pembrey, qualified on the front row of the grid in race 2 at Pembrey.

Caterham Academy 2004 - first racing experience.
Finished 13th overall, best result was 9th at Brands Hatch.

Class 3rd at the Plum Pudding, 2004.
Race Highlights: Not in a good way, but rolling the car at Silverstone at least gives you something interesting to talk about!

SG: 148: Dave Berry
Occupation: Watch Commander (Fire service) Car Colours: Blue/Orange
Company: Car Year: 2001
Company's Service: Hometown: Huddersfield
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Oulton Park
Sponsors: Drinks Wine & Beer Warehouse
Race History: Best consistent Finisher 2006 (Super Grads)
Race Highlights:
Interests: Racing, Diving, Motorcycling

SG: 149: Barry White
Occupation: SVP Commercial Car Colours: Red with White Stripe/ Black Wings
Company: Meggitt PLC Car Year: 2006
Company's Service: Aerospace and Defence Systems Hometown: Weybridge
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Sponsors: Venesis Venesis
Race History: National Pro-Kart Endurance Clubman Champions 2008

Caterham Graduates Supers
2011: finished 22nd in my 1st year racing in Caterham Graduates
2012: finished 11th
2013: finished 10th
2014: finished 11th
2015: finished 12th (3 events)
2016: finished 9th
2016: finished [9th] (5 events)
2017: first class pole at Oulton, best finish 2nd in Class,
2018: moving to Sigmax...
Race Highlights: Finishing 5th in Class at Spa in 2014 and 2016. Qualifying on Pole at Oulton in the first round of 2017. Finishing 2nd at Croft in 2017 missing first by 0.5 second.
Interests: Skiing! Good company, food, and wine!

SG: 151: Guy Cramer
Occupation: Polisher of the Car Car Colours: Red
Company: Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: Hometown: Knutsford
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Oulton Park
Sponsors: APL Health
Race History: Not raced for 25 years but enjoy the odd track day.
Race Highlights:
Interests: Cars and bikes (the type with engines !) travel, history, karate (instructor and judge) and cooking (oh and good wine !)

SG: 152: Chris Rome
Occupation: Head of Sales Car Colours: Blue
Company: Eckoh Car Year: 2004
Company's Service: Secure Payments and multi-channel customer service Hometown: Leamington
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Mallory / Silverstone / Donington
Sponsors: -
Race History: 2013: P6 overall. Was in 3rd for a while. Missed an event, had a mechanical failure at Spa and started from the back. Cracking fun though Gromit.

Highest quali: 2nd
Highest finish: 4th (Oulton, Combe x2 and Spa)

2012: Managed a lap and a half. Called it quits for the season.

First podium - 2nd at Zandvoort
First pole position - Castle Combe

2010: a few races only.
2009: did not race

2008: SuperGrads : 10th overall
Highest quali: 6th
Highest finish: 6th (Anglesey)

2007: SuperGrads : 9th overall
Highest quali: 5th
Highest finish: 8th (Anglesey & Mallory)

2006: SuperGrads : 13th overall. poor show
Highest quali: 3rd
Highest finish: 8th (Combe)
Avge finish: nearer the blunt end than the sharp end.

2005: SuperGrads
mediocre season

2004: Caterham Academy
Won Harewood Hillclimb (set new class record)
6 races: dnf, 15th, 9th, 7th, 6th, 6th
Race Highlights: Spa 13: Made up 39 places after starting dead last. Zandvoort 11: 1st podium. Crossed the line 3rd, later upgraded to 2nd.

Donington 07: Setting new lap record by 1.3s

Mallory 07: Qualified 25th. Finished 8th. Must get those brakes fixed...

Thruxton 06: Avoiding all the Arch-sponsored cars hell-bent on taking me out.

Snet 06: I finally finished a race at the circuit of despair!! Unfortunately it was a double header, and I came a cropper in the 2nd one.

Spa 05: Best improver (17 places)

Interests: Work, racing, and 2 kids doesn't leave time for a lot else

SG: 153: Paul Elliott
Occupation: Managing Director Car Colours: Black
Company: Brooklands Engineering Services Ltd Car Year: 2006
Company's Service: Engineering Services Hometown: Norwich
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Snetterton
Race History: Competed in the Caterham Roadsport B series for part of 2006 and 2007, moved to Super Graduates 2008 and still there.

Race Highlights:
Interests: Motorsport, Running, Flying Helicopters, Photography, Mountain Biking and Music

SG: 158: James Potter
Occupation: Financial adviser Car Colours: Viper Blue
Company: Car Year: 2006
Company's Service: Hometown: Oxfordshire
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Silverstone
Race History: 17th in 2006 Academy
35th Supers 2008
27th Supers 2009
36th Supers 2010
21st Supers 2012
14th Supers 2013
17th Supers 2014
Race Highlights: 1. Completing Mallory in 6th position in the 2006 Academy Finishing "most" of my races!
Interests: Racing, Skiing, African Business Development

SG: 160: Peter Hughes
Occupation: Retired Car Colours: Yellow/black
Company: Car Year: 2007
Company's Service: Hometown: Wrexham
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Oulton Park
Race History: '07 Academy
'08 Roadsports
'09 Grads
Race Highlights: Not last on many occasions
Interests: Motor racing Dinghy racing

SG: 161: Luke Tzourou
Occupation: Design Engineer Car Colours: Black/Yellow
Company: Xtrac Car Year: 2005
Company's Service: Motorsport Transmission Manufacturer Hometown: Caterham
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands
Race History: Rookie season 2009:
Moved up the grid throughout the season from starting 32nd at Silverstone up into the top 10 by the end.

2010 Season:
First race of season at Round 3 - Croft. Started 3rd and finished 3rd. Promising start to season and high hopes for a top 10 championship position. Another 3rd at Oulton park. First pole at Brands. Didn't finish season due to engine "malfunction".

3 poles.
1st ever win at Donington.
2nd at Snetterton.
3rd at Pembrey
Double 3rd at Zandvoort.
Best season yet finished 5th overall.

Some races, some cups including 1st & 2nd at Spa!

Some races, some cups including first brands podium ever! Finally! First lap record ever at Castle Combe.

Competed 3 weekends. Couple of podiums.

Contested 2 weekends. No podiums but 1 lap record.

Another 2 weekender. 1 podium.
Race Highlights: Winning by several seconds at Spa in freezing torrential rain.
Interests: Cars, Engines, Electric guitars and anything that makes loud noises.